Ions in the Air

      Ions in the Air
Ion charge molecules or atoms contained in the presence of these ions in nature, simple small ions only 30~300 seconds between the survival time, but they are very active; and small ion density range from 900~1100 negative ions and 1000~1200 positive ions per cubic centimeter (/cm3 ion) in the "fresh air" in the top of a mountain, in the sea we usually experience 500 negative ions and 600 positive ions per cubic centimeter [ion /cm3], and in the city building ion levels fell by 80% to 95%, the ion measurement in the office is almost small, when the ion is reduced, therefore the breeding of bacteria. In nature; increase the number of oxygen ions in the fresh air, oxygen molecules again becomes active, improve air quality to "fresh air" level, change the words using the technology of plasma air is released, the mutual collision and active attack, bacteria and mold spores molecular inhibition and decomposition of pollutants in the air, and destroy the particle and floating mold, will form a bunch of grapes like ion group, so that you stay in the original ecology of the natural environment without pollution, all the moments to breathe and nature similar to the clean air, people feel comfortable, this is the basis of plasma air technology.

(ion distribution in graphic nature)

Traceability technology:

Air purification itself exists in nature and perfect nature process of flawless and infinite creativity, established the operation of any thing scale, process and results, to guide us to understand the mystery. Edda air air ionization process imitate nature, and according to the different indoor environment in the development of different products, and in accordance with the nature of the ion concentration, ion in indoor air will supplement has been, ion concentration in nature is 800 per cubic centimeter, including positive and negative ions 400. We can put this natural phenomenon using artificial ionization technique, and according to the need to maintain the concentration of ion 2.5 hours of life and the control of ion. To achieve an efficient harmless copying natural air self purification of this ionization process, which can produce positive and negative oxygen ions with the same or similar nature, to achieve the purpose of purifying indoor air pollution, the air quality of indoor air and city park, let each user "leave, such as forest bath".


Edda Air- Lideng Environmental Technology Applied Physics, chemistry, biology and environmental engineering and other aspects of knowledge, to create a plasma air purification technology, the successful implementation of the ionization theory of Einstein. By simulating the