Working Principle

   EDDA AIR plasma purification system uses a specific voltage to convert electrons in particulate atoms in the air into charged ions. When air passes through the ionization tube, millions of positive and negative ions are formed. These ions are accurately calculated and measured to simulate the air environment in natural mountain areas. Apart from making the indoor air feel more "fresh", they can also effectively solve various indoor air pollution problems.
       Easy to install in the current air conditioning system, fresh air pipeline system, including air cabinet (AHU or PAU), Fan Coil and cold air pipeline, the release of ionization tube can control a large number of positive and negative ions, actively attack pollutants, help us to improve the quality of air. It can correspond to different indoor environment and control the source of pollution, quickly solve the indoor air problem, improve the quality of life, and become easier from now on.
       It can be recalled that in the fresh air after waterfalls, mountains, seashores and rainstorms, the natural biological climate produced by plasma air technology contains abundant reactive oxygen species called ions; the plasma air system creates a quantity of positive and negative oxygen ions that can be measured and controlled, and the negative ions contain an additional electron. The positive ion is an electron which is unstable due to the lack of an electron.

These unstable ion offers the following benefits:
  •      Reduce dust / dust / haze
In the air of dust and pollen by ionic bonding, fast aggregation of these particles into particles, increase their size, easy to filter to remove, reduce the bacteria in the breathing zone.
  •      And smell / odor
Odorous gases by activated oxygen molecules oxidation. Smell, organic pollution, rapid elimination.
  •      Disinfection / sterilization
In the positive and negative ion air balance, get some energy electronic pulse discharge, when electrons and bacterial and fungal spores in collision, energy and chemical bond bond energy transfer at the same or similar, break these keys, bacteria and fungi could not reproduce.
  •      Control of VOC/ formaldehyde / benzene
Carpet, building materials, furniture, office equipment, cleaning agent, paint, glue, solvent or pesticides will release a variety of volatile organic compounds, volatile organic compounds and ions when these collision attacks to break these keys, excited atoms and molecules free radical state, to direct activation or degradation, and jointly promote the TVOC the degradation of the formation of CO2 and H2O.
  •      quality of life
The plasma air is equivalent to breathe in the sea, such as waterfalls, mountains and fresh air after a thunderstorm.

EDDA AIR Plasma ions for the traditional plasma air filter or provide an important technical support for air purification solutions, including solution filter, active carbon, ultraviolet radiation, chemical, biological, and other traditional catalytic oxidation to achieve higher efficiency, but also reduce energy consumption and reduce installation cost. The traditional air filters provide only partial solutions can only remove those larger particles, particles and pathogens that are smaller and more dangerous still exist, ignoring the important link of indoor air pollution sources (i.e. not remove odor or volatile substances (TVOC). Formaldehyde, particles, bacteria, reduce haze, mildew, odor and volatile gas decomposition. Only several watts of energy, easy to install to the existing HVAC or piping system, avoid the expensive cost changes.
EDDA AIR air plasma can effectively improve the work efficiency (Europe and the United States to use data show that improve work efficiency up to 70%), the effective prevention and control of infectious diseases in the air and surfaces for the media, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases (asthma, rhinitis etc) and skin allergies and other symptoms and achieve the effect of beauty; reduce the frequency of air conditioning pipeline cleaning and maintenance costs, reduce the electrostatic air content, enhance the efficiency of filtration efficiency and air conditioning, maximize the use of air (up to 30%-70%), to reduce air 30%-70%, reduce the number of cycles to 20%, which will make the air conditioning power consumption saving 35%-75%; product cost-effective, one-time investment, long-term benefit, no wearing parts or supplies, so that the user is convenient and simple to use.