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  Shenzhen lidon Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. to improve the quality of life, starting from high quality air, derived from the great man Einstein theory further realized, a new technology of physics, chemistry, biology and Environmental Science (Edda Air plasma air Plasma ions), providing professional products, setting suitable environment and Governance The plan is to create a comfortable and high quality air environment and realize the high-end service of air customization.

  The main products are air purifier, air purifier, air purification system, air purification equipment, air purification device, negative ion air purifier, new air air purifier, plasma air purifier, high energy ion air purifier, bipolar ion air purifier, and two level plasma air purifier.

  Products can be installed in hospitals, schools, hotels, hotels, Internet cafes, airports, office buildings, entertainment places, public places, industry, factories, sewage treatment plants, garbage farms, central air conditioning, ventilation pipes and other places to deal with volatile organic compounds VOCs, PM2.5, formaldehyde, Escherichia coli, Tvoc, hydrogen sulfide, Aspergillus. Bacteria and other harmful substances and strong odors. In order to improve the air quality, a solution is set up, and energy saving and environmental protection are put into use once and for a long time.

  Company phone: 86-0755-82642178 / 82642179

  Technical hotline: 86-19146453238  Idol

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  Brand: edda air

  Company address: Baoan District, Shenzhen, Sha Tin Post Pavilion, Sha song Road, science and Technology Innovation Park, 8C