Company Culture

Enterprise goal: the pioneer of high-quality plasma air environment
Corporate style: fast, efficient, and committed
Corporate mission: to bring you the best continuous air service and ensure that your air stays healthy
Entrepreneurship: innovation, progress, integrity, pragmatism
Social responsibility:
  • As we all know, mankind has received unprecedented material wealth and enjoyment. Also endured the unbearable modern "building sickness syndrome"
  • IQA has been the focus of global attention since the 1990s.
  • People spend about 80% of their time indoors every day. You can skip meals for seven days and drink water for three days.
  • But few people can not breathe for three minutes, breathing air 20,000 times or 20 kilograms of air every day, and the air in closed buildings continuously circulates indoors to produce a lot of viruses, bacteria, mold, odor, pm2.5, smog, etc.
  • Indoor pollution is eight times that of outdoor.
  • The interior decoration is more and more particular, and naturally produces formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other pathogenic and carcinogenic substances.
  • The central air-conditioning system is not cleaned for a long time, causing serious pollution. Of course, the microorganisms in the pipeline multiply, especially the deadly legionella.
  • IQA's product penetration rate is seriously insufficient.
  • In terms of food, microbial bacteria and mold will cause food deterioration and so on.
      Edda Air plasma air proposes a fresh air purification scheme. Not only can reduce indoor PM2.5. The principle of positive and negative ion decomposition crystal oxidation can also be used. Remove contaminated gas from fresh air introduced outdoors.
      In the selection of purification equipment, considering the circulating air volume, installation conditions, and pollutant concentration of commercial projects, the small purification system can have a good purification effect in a small area.
      Special places such as medical, military, college venues, financial institutions, etc. need to be targeted to remove certain types of gas pollutants. Formalin solution for medical use. Formaldehyde solution is volatile and has an impact on human health. The documentation of the library will be shortened due to acid gas corrosion, and the military facility needs to maintain the ability to remove toxic and harmful gases.
      Municipal service facilities are all characterized by a large area to accommodate a large population or a large processing capacity, and are prone to produce odorous gases. Or there may be poor ventilation due to large numbers of people. The problem of poor indoor air quality. But this is the traditional method of wet absorption or a single method of increasing the amount of air circulation, which has not been solved.
      In petrochemical, refining, papermaking, printing and dyeing, and other industrial fields, the ultra-micro pollutants are different. According to the form of pollutants, it can be divided into particulate pollutants and gas pollutants. Particulate pollutants include dust, smoke, mist, coal dust, etc. Gaseous pollutants include sulfur-containing compounds, nitrogen-containing compounds, hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, and chlorine-oxygen compounds. These pollutants are mostly irritating or corrosive, directly harming human health, and can corrode the surface of the equipment or even internal circuits and components .