Office air purifier
Author: Li Deng environmental protection

       Ions are charges contained in molecules or atoms. These ions exist in nature. In short, small ions have a survival time between 30 and 300 seconds, but they are very active; and the density of small ions ranges from 900 to 1100 Negative ions and 1000-1200 positive ions per cubic centimeter (ion / cm3) In a "fresh air" environment, like the top of a mountain, at sea level we usually experience 500 negative ions and 600 positive ions per cubic centimeter [ Ion / cm3], and the ion level in urban buildings drops by 80% to 95%, and ions are hardly measured in small offices. When the ions decrease, bacteria breed. In nature; increase the number of oxygen ions in the fresh air, the oxygen molecules become active again, and the air quality improves to the level of "fresh air". In other words, after the plasma air technology is released, it will actively collide and attack each other, inhibit and decompose The molecules of bacteria and mold spores in the air, and the destruction of their particles and planktonic mold, etc., will form grape cluster-like ion groups, so that you can always be in the original natural environment without pollution, always breathe The clean and clean air close to nature is very comfortable, which is the basis of plasma air technology.

      EddaAir Plasma Disinfection System-Applied knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology and environmental engineering, created plasma air purification technology and successfully realized Einstein's ionization theory. By simulating the natural air environment, indoor air quality has been significantly improved, and various harmful pollutants have been quickly and effectively removed and decomposed. This is our belief that "the forest-like air can be enjoyed at home." Our technology solves many traditional problems such as activated carbon, photoion generator, ozone generator, high voltage static electricity, photocatalyst and so on. Our plasma air purification technology can effectively reduce dust in the air, neutralize and decompose pollutants in the air, disinfect bacteria, effectively control volatile organic compounds, and effectively clean the air!

       Edda Air has a specially designed plasma conversion tube that uses a specific voltage to convert electrons in the atomic atoms of the air into charged ions. When the air passes through the ionization tube, it will form millions of positive ions and negative ions, simulating the air environment in the natural mountainous area, which makes the indoor air fresh and effective in solving indoor air pollution problems.

        .Remove odor
The odorous gas is oxidized by the binding of reactive oxygen molecules. Odor, the source of organic pollution, was quickly eliminated.
.Dust removal
The dust particles and pollen in the air are bonded by ionic bonds. These charged particles quickly aggregate into particles, increase their size, are easily removed by the filter, and reduce bacteria in the respiratory zone.
In a balanced positive and negative ion air, the electron pulse discharges a certain amount of energy. When the electron collides with bacteria and mold spores, the energy transmitted is the same or similar to the bond of the chemical bond, breaking these bonds, bacteria and mold. Nor can it breed.
.Control theVOC/HCHO/C6H6
Carpets, building materials, furniture, office equipment, detergents, paints, glues, solvents or pesticides release various volatile organic compounds. When ions collide with these volatile organic compounds, they break these bonds, excited states. The atomic and molecular radical groups act to activate or directly degrade, which together promote TVOC degradation and produce CO2 and H2O. 

       1.For hospital   The closed environment of the hospital is very conducive to the generation, reproduction, spread and variation of microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria, which can easily cause cross infection. Coupled with high turnover rate, the human body constantly removes bacteria from the respiratory tract, digestive tract, skin, hair, etc., through the cough, sneezing and other biological viruses such as influenza virus, tuberculosis and streptococci, formaldehyde and vocs. The patient's bacteria excretions and secretions contain a large amount of microorganisms, which, when dried, produce odors and diffuse into the air, causing serious pollution.

      2.Emergency room   The emergency room, clinic room and ward of the hospital are often heavily polluted places where various bacterial viruses cross-spread. The air pollution situation is more serious than other public places!Plasma air purifiers can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and virus sources that flow.At the same time, it decomposes all kinds of bacteria and odors released from the human mouth and body as well as from the wound. The smell of excrement or vomit produced by the patient due to loss of consciousness or inconvenience. It decomposes air pollution caused by volatile organic compounds in hospital disinfectants such as formalin (formaldehyde) and chlorinated disinfectants.
        3.For office  In the office, such as desks, chairs, bookcases, etc., there are volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, voc, and toluene. The office environment is concentrated, the air-conditioned environment is closed, and the central air-conditioning ventilation duct is dark and humid inside, which is easy to breed bacteria. It will also have a lot of dust after a long time, which will also cause an increase in indoor inhalable particles. This makes the presence of air quality in the room also poses a potential threat to human health.Hepasilent's patented filtration technology effectively removes dust particles, and the plasma air generated can actively decompose the source of harmful gases generated by indoor office furniture, while removing odors and killing bacteria present in the room.